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What we do

BRC Promotions is a customer-focused face-to-face charity fundraising company. We pride ourselves on our ethical, experienced and friendly approach to fundraising. We are the market leaders in face-to-face fundraising, where we know human interaction is the most efficient form of communication. Face-to-face communication allows for clear, concise conversations between the fundraiser and the supporter, where queries can be questioned and answered together, and as an ambassador you can get a good idea of the concerns and interests of the supporter.

When you knock on the door of one a potential supporter and ask them to help contribute to make a difference in the world, you will be immersed within that brand, how to represent it and convey a good brand image.

We Treat You As An Individual 

Here at BRC, we take the time to understand you as a valued member of our team. Ultimately it’s important for us to know your values, your motivations and aspirations in order to create a training programme and working environment that will bring out your best.

Investing in People

Our training academy gives you the opportunity to grow far beyond fundraising. We have a genuine development programme that enhances your skill set at your own pace, gives you the responsibilities that you need to grow and provide you with first class understanding of representing some of the very best brands in the fundraising space.

Just being a Fundraiser

We offer extensive opportunities if fundraising alone is your passion. There is high demand for you to join our team right now and we would love to hear from you. Our promise is to give you the platform to create change and make a positive difference in this world.


We believe that those that work hard deserve more than a pat on the back. BRC Promotions have a comprehensive rewards programme to ensure you are recognised across the company for your hard work. We do more than just success stories.


At BRC Promotions, our amazing industry reputations means we work with the very best brands within the fundraising sector. They are also very diverse, meaning you will inevitably have the opportunity to work with brands that you hold close to your heart.

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We are interviewing throughout the year for various fundraising opportunities as BRC Promotions continues to grow. We would love to hear from you if you feel this is your next step. Apply with us today.

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Trusted and working alongside some of the best charities in the United Kingdom.