Why us?


Why us?why-us-image

Selection of staff

Here at BRC we pride ourselves on the quality of our team, and each candidate goes through a rigorous bespoke training scheme to ensure they meet the high-standards of ethics and customer-focused attitude required to become a BRC Team Member.


Each BRC Team Member undertakes a bespoke training programme designed to equip them with all the skills and attributes required to become a BRC ambassador and, more importantly, an ambassador for your charity.

Employed staff

Unlike many employees in our industry who work on a self-employed or commission-only basis, BRC team members receive an attractive salary package, which has been developed over several years to maintain the required balance between productivity and quality of sales.

Ethical Selling

Every BRC Team Member deals with potential donors in a friendly and professional manner, fully understanding that even if someone doesn’t sign up there and then – they are still potential future donors.