What we do


What we do what-we-do-image

BRC is a customer-focused, market-leading Face-to-Face fundraising company who passionately believes in ethical fundraising. When we knock on the door of one of your potential donors, and ask them to help you make a difference in the world, our team are always well-informed, open and professional; fully understanding the importance of maintaining your brand’s image and reputation.

We Treat You As An Individual 

BRC takes time to understand your charity’s needs and then tailors you a unique approach to optimize your fundraising. This allows you to concentrate your time and resources on other important aspects of the great work you do.

Campaign Strategy 

Whether you’re a nationally recognised or well-respected local charity, our highly-trained team will facilitate geographically specific targeted campaigns or multi-regional operations to suit your needs.

Customer Focus

In the eyes of the public the BRC fundraising team are YOUR fundraising team – and we invest a lot of time and effort attracting, training, inspiring and motivating the best people to raise funds on your behalf.

Our Approach

Friendly and professional, our team prioritizes gaining the trust of your potential donors and never adopts a hidden agenda or hard-sell policy. This ethical approach allows the BRC team to generate great results time-after-time.

No Upfront costs 

Irrespective of the size of your campaign, you can avoid the hassle, expense and strain on resources required to recruit and train a professional fundraising team – and you’ll not have to pay a penny upfront.